What if?...


A lot of time has been spent on red flags, but how can we make things better?


8 red flags... meet:


9 positive attributes


1. Be honest (especially to self).

If you can't be honest with yourself, you can't be honest with anyone else. It all starts with being genuine.

2. Apply oversight & critical thinking.

Don't be afraid to ask for (or hire) help, check your work, or otherwise realize that things may not go right without help or even a complete overhaul and restart.

3. Go with ideals, not idols.

People working in common cause with common ideals will perform waaay better than those awestruck by a particular aspect (or celeb).

4. Put your aces in their places.

Everyone has their strengths, make the best use of what you've got to maximize efforts with capable and qualified people.

5. Be realistic.

Set obtainable goals and benchmarks. Starting a convention? Begin with organizing successful parties and gatherings that last for a few hours, leading up to running a one-day event.

6. Fail forward.

Mistakes are going to happen. My philosophy is try to learn, take the lessons and apply them onwards.

7. Get the data.

Something not working out as expected? Do the research to learn the core reason and react accordingly. Wishing the outcome to go one way when the numbers show another way isn't going to work.

8. Mitigation - quitting while ahead is not the same as quitting. Cutting your losses to enact an idea again in a different way is a valid strategy, especially if it means something you're emotionally attached to.

9. Enjoy the ride.

Isn't that why we're all here? Fandom offers so many different ways to enjoy, participate, and contribute to the community. Find what works best for you, even if that means stepping back and walking away.


(I'm keeping this page short to avoid the temptation to almost double the amount of links within this website. Each of the above points have a story behind them.)