kcc 2015 fake legal threat edit

A 2015 incident with someone demonstrating zero legal experience (and non-existent legal team) sent a hilariously bad legal threat.

The original comments remained, and this image is still found floating teh intarwebs.

(Please don't post shit like this if you're attempting to pretend to have any credibility.)

Threats & Manipulation:


Use of threats to coerce or otherwise gain advantage is a huge red flag. Though not overly common, I have personally witnessed it over the course of 30+ years in fandom. For example in 2003, an employee of a GTA-based event used aggressive assertions seeking a physical interaction in response to being repeatedly told to leave someone alone. Circa 2005/2006, a large GTA-based event organization was alleged to have threatened dealers with the loss of their tables if they also participated at a rival event.


‘Stop that/do this – or else’ is an interaction that should immediately be addressed and assessed based on merit.


Enforcing legal contracts is one thing, using manipulative and threating language (often with deception) to achieve questionable outcomes is another. Unfortunately there are those who decide it to be a great idea (spoiler alert: IT's NOT) to pretend to have legal knowledge or access to legal services and use such manipulation. Often these attempts share common themes of being (hilariously) incorrect, illogical, and having ZERO merit or credibility. See also 'LOLsuit'.


Social media account name Dillweed99* randomly showing up in mentions making demands doesn't exacty have the same merit of a registered letter or electronic mail from a named and accredited professional legal service.


Interestingly there are two legal concepts in Ontario, Canada (where RFIF is based) regarding legal actions involving allegations of defamation (also referred to as slander, which is spoken, and libel, which is printed/published/etc):


1. Ontario has the Libel and Slander Act, setting timeframes and a six week Libel Notice period to notify the person(s)/organization(s). Telling someone they've got hours to remove unspecified comments is a dead giveaway something is stinky. Maybe talk to a real lawyer (if they're willing to chat for free, just making sure people aren't assuming it'll be free of cost) to see what's really involved to make such a case up here .


2. Canada has very strong Anti-SLAPP (cool link) laws. Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (wiki link) are a tactic used, among other things, to silence critics. I'm of the belief that the sharing of facts and opinions based on those facts are essential for discourse, learning, develpment, and growth - I'd like to believe the laws up here reflect that.


See also personal attacks.


Obligatory advisory, this is not legal advice. Just sharing my opinions and my perception of reality based on professional and personal experience.


* Dillweed99 does not refer to any known actual person, living or otherwise.