This was posted during the Covid 19 pandemic in 2021, the same year the author's mother passed away and who was not able to attend a number of days due to complying with public health guidelines.

...'lock down cheerleaders', how ignorant.

The author of Red Flags In Fandom has joined with others in terminating any further interaction, support or other business with this organization or variants.


Questionable Social Media Content


Briefly summed up as:

‘Why would anyone post… THAT?!’


Postings that defy reason, sensibility, or even respect to law or public safety are a red flag, especially in fandom.


Social Media can be an excellent way to engage with people, attract clients, and much more. Unfortunately it's also a method to expose who they really are when using an account that represents an organization.


These were posted by the official accounts of certain events in Ontario in 2021 and 2023. Not pictured but seen in another presentation: a convention faking engagement by using a half-dozen alias accounts to 'like' own posting and deleting comments exposing that they were passing off old articles as recent coverage of their last event.

This post equating LGBTQ+ with child sexual abuse was posted April 2023.

As of early January 2024, this posting still remains available online.