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Questionable Activites:


Engagement in problematic acts that can also be unethical, unwelcome, and possibly/likely illegal, including the use of deception to achieve gain at the expense of victims.


Questionable financial activities are most common form of this problem, often with few or no opportunities to recover funds.


As wonderful and welcoming as fandom can be, the unfortunate reality is that it does attract those seeking to take advantage of others.


If in doubt, check it out.

In 2019, a fan convention was advertised featuring notable wrestling celebrities with advance tickets being sold.

The venue had cancelled the booking about two months prior to event (found out by simply calling the venue) and agent(s) for wrestlers confirmed breaches of contract preventing their attendance regardless.

Concerned people took to social media to compare notes and share updates, including notifiying that the venue in fact canceled the booking - a reality the 'event organizer' denied in replies.

In 2017, a taxpayer-funded convention posted they needed $2500.00 cash about two weeks prior, or else they would not be able to continue.

Volunteers in particular were targeted to donate to an online fundraiser.

In reality there was no need as the city providing funding and facilities confirmed those expenses were already covered, same as prior years, that year, and onwards by government funding.

It shoud be noted were also multiple  questionable activities by the organizers of that event, and not just falsified financial statements