Groupthink & Lack of Oversight


‘Make-believe is fine, but we’re all bound by reality and laws…’ this can, and has, resulted in costly and potentially dangerous outcomes.


Just because a group of select people put themselves in charge doesn't mean they're performing with all due responsibility and evaluation of consequences. This makes oversight essential - and when that's delayed, missed, or intentionally obstructed this can possibly become a terrible red flag.


Many years ago, a group of people took control of a core segment of a convention and decided to conduct what was an operation that violated provincial and federal laws.


In early 2008, that wrongdoing was inevitably exposed and those responsible for carrying on that scheme reacted... poorly.


Instead of being honest and accountable, those at fault immediately engaged in deception, personal attacks, and questionable social media postings about their very biased take on their involvement with really questionable activites.


To make matters worse, the convention chairperson decided to post on the convention website and social media (yay, livejournal) admitting their involvement in illegal activities while trying to justify it.


That convention chairperson was fired quit three days before that year's convention, those responsible for allowing the illegal operation to run were removed within about a year's time afterwards (and joined a very select group of people to have been fired from a convention).


This upheaval and downfall would have been prevented by not choosing to engage in unlawful acts, brought upon by groupthink, a lack of oversight, and arguably people holding onto their fiefdoms.


Ask the questions, it's reasonable to expect reasonable answers. Ask/hire someone to check your work (says me and my notorious spelling errors) ... at least make sure you're not telling anyone to do anything illegal, you'd think that was a given - but here we are.


In late 1999, an internet fan group collapsed not long after a significant amount of money was discovered missing. The revelation came after years of the same person having had control.


In November 2005, an attempt to start a new three day convention in the GTA collapsed amid over exagerrated aspirations and underwhelming infrastructure and a lack of grasping reality.


Extra eyes can prevent a surprise.