This was posted April 2021, the advertisment told contestants they had about a week to provide videos of their work to enter the 'contest'.

The 'winners' were to have their work used in a product, supposedly as a prize.

Various respected professionals, cosplayers, and other members of the community were quick to express concerns and disappointment.

It was removed about 24 hours later.

Spec Work & ‘For Exposure’


Spec Work: providing goods and services on spec/speculation without securing reasonable compensation prior. This is a red flag in the sense that organizations/organizers have sought to take advantage of artists, cosplayers, and other creators.


'For Exposure': Refusing to adequately compensate for efforts, like a large company refusing to pay someone for their work, but instead offer 'exposure'.


See also: For Exposure on reddit.


Use caution regarding promotions and ‘contests’ where the prize/reward is you, your efforts, and/or your talents.


Volunteering is wonderful, but don’t give yourself away – know your worth. Volunteering is common at conventions and often has rewards for certain number of hours worked - shout out to Anime North for defined limitation of hours permitted to work.


loewhaley on tiktok has a great 13 second video addressing the situation