The guy behind this project.


Hi, my name is Walter Schultz, a lot of people also know me as Sid.

If you attended a convention in the province of Ontario, Canada from the mid-90s and onwards, there's a very good chance you've either met/seen/heard of me or have been directly or indirectly impacted by my volunteering, efforts, and contributions over the span of 30+ years.


For example, I was a regular at Toronto Trek (aka Polaris) working along side some of the finest people I've been honoured to know, including some dearly missed friends like Patti Vickers Bond, and Keith Arseneau.


This project came about from discussions of past and continued concerns, issues, and problems within fandom.


At at first this was just yapping about 'oh yeah I remember that/ohhh that's what happened'.


And then the idea just clicked to turn this into a panel.


And then the reception of it eventually gravitated towards where you're at now...taking less than stellar experiences, using them as examples and working towards empowering others to help avoid repeats.


I'm receptive to presenting the Red Flags In Fandom panel throughout Ontario, please contact the site if interested.


Videos of presentations are available on the media page.


I have a personal site www.neoengel.com , (currently private and redirecting here) and I can also be found elsewhere:

Bluesky: bsky.app/profile/neoengel.bsky.social

YouTube:  youtube.com/Neoengel

Reddit: reddit.com/user/neoengel

X/Twitter: twitter.com/neoengel

Instagram: instagram.com/neo.engel


You may have even seen me in various media articles, for example:

CBC GoPublic

Wellington Advertiser

Guelph Today

WR Record (archived video feature here)


Often on weekends if I'm not at some show I can be found (if looking hard enough) wearing camo and going pew pew with plastic pellets and volunteering as first aider.